• Collection and return is from The Bristol Camper Company, which can be found on the A38 near Junction 22 of the M5.
  • No smoking in any of the Campers please and pets by writen arrangement



  • Debit Cards and Credit Cards (Visa or Mastercard) are accepted with a 1.5% surchage. We can no longer accept cheques.
  • A booking is not confirmed until the deposit has been received and the payment cleared.
  • A non refundable deposit of £150.00 per week of hire must be paid at the time of booking, with the balance to be paid at least 6 weeks before the Camper is collected.
  • In addition to your payment for hire, a refundable security deposit of £750.00 must be paid by credit or debit card on the day of hire. This sum is the equivalent to the insurance excess. The security deposit will be refunded within  a  72 hour period providing that there is no damage and no missing equipment.We reserve the right to increase the security deposit to £1,000.00 if the hirer is taking the vehicle to a special event,eg festival or world cup events. If insured damage occurs the security deposit will be forfeited if the damage is deemed by The Bristol Camper Co to be uninsured the hirer will be liable for all the damage incurred. The Camper must be returned at the agreed time date and location. If any damage whatsoever to the camper even if very minor during your period of hire you must advise us by phone at the time damage occurs in order that we can arrange replacement parts and workshop time. If we are not made aware of such damage until you return the Camper you will be charged at our daily rate advertised on our website for any time the Camper is not able to be hired by a subsequent hirer.
  • The hirer will be charged for any costs incurred deemed by The Bristol Camper Company to be a driver-induced error or negligent in the use of the Motorhome (e.g. losing keys, using incorrect fuel, locking keys inside the vehicle or running out of fuel etc.)



  • In the event of any damage to the Camper or third party property, the hirer will be liable for the first £750 of the £1000 excess required by our Insurers.  The hirer will be liable for replacement or repair of windscreen or tyre damage, loss or damage to the CD, radio, stereo and ariel, or any damage suffered as a result of wilful or negligent action by the hirer.
  • Any late returns will be taken out of this deposit costing £25 per part or full hour together with any additional costs incurred such as compensation to the next hirer.  If you are delayed in returning the Camper back to us, please telephone to let us know, as you may not be insured for your additional time on the road.
  • For any booking where there is less than 21 days until collection, full hire and security deposit must be paid in full.
  • We advise you to take out your own Travel Insurance to cover Cancellation, Personal Possessions and Personal injury in the event of an accident.



  • You should please allow 1 hour for the change-over which will include completion of the documentation, demonstration of your vehicle and transferring luggage and equipment to the Camper.  Please allow the same on your return.
  • If you are late returning, you need to contact The Bristol Camper Company immediately.  Failure to do so may result in prosecution for driving whilst uninsured.
  • Please Be Aware. If you are unable to collect your camper at the agreed time, it may be necessary to re schedule the handover to a new time and or day.



  • All cancellations must be in writing, although the £150 deposit made at the time of booking is non refundable and will be lost.
  • If more than 30 days notice is given, refund of the hire cost will be returned ( less the £150 deposit)
  • If less than 30 days notice is given, the full hire amount paid will be lost
  • Please avoid any cancellations.  It is advisable to take out travel insurance to cover you against any changes to your schedule.



  • Drivers must be between 25 and 70 and must have  held a full UK driving licence for at least 2 years. For non UK licences please ask.
  • There will be a maximum of 2 drivers per rental with production of a valid driver’s licence needed from all drivers on the day of hire, in  addition to 2 separate original and recent forms of identification ie credit card, passport and /or utility bill for each driver. The hire will be cancelled unless these are seen on the day.
  • Please note that any extra insurance premiums above our rates table eg due to the additional insurance needed for a second driver, or convictions or accidents, are the full responsibility of each (driver) and will need to be paid as part of the overall hire fee at least 21 days before the start of hire.
  • Campers are only to be driven by those insured to drive it.
  • The Campers are fully comprehensive insured for the vehicles only.  Your personal and contents insurance need to be arranged by you and you will be liable for any legal penalties eg parking or speeding tickets incurred during the period of hire.
  • You will not be able to take the Camper away unless we see all of these original documents on the day of hire, so please make sure you have everything with you.



  • In the event of an accident you must inform us immediately.
  • A full report of the accident must be submitted to The Bristol Camper Company within 3 days.
  • All Campers are maintained and looked after to the highest standards, and they all come with full 24hr AA cover in the unlikely event of a breakdown.
  • If the rescue service cannot get you up and running again, we will do our best to offer you a replacement van.
  • If a replacement van is not available, a refund will be given to the hirer limited to the maximum amount of monies paid.
  • The Bristol Camper Company will ensure that each Camper hired is in a safe and roadworthy condition before each hire period, though can accept no responsibility for additional costs incurred should the vehicle break down.



  • Receive Camper in clean and roadworthy condition with full gas bottle and with empty and clean water tank.
  • Pay for any damage to the interior or exterior of the vehicle during the hire period.
  • Pay for any damage caused to the living equipment or cooking equipment.
  • Not overload the vehicle eg tow any other vehicle
  • Pay a minimum of a £50 cleaning fee if the Camper is returned soiled, or is returned without prior cleaning.
  • Not lend the vehicle to any other party, or carry more than the permitted capacity (4 or 5 persons depending on the camper van)
  • Not use the vehicle out of the UK
  • Ensure the vehicle is locked at all times when unattended.
  • Not use the awning in inclement weather.
  • When a Motorhome is hired the hirer will agree to return the Motorhome with the grey water and toilet casette emptied. If The Bristol Camper Company has to empty the grey waste and/or toilet, they will charge £50-00 for each service
  • It is the hirers resposability to ensure the motorhome is not overloaded. All motorhomes have a maximum weight of 3500KG



  • Refuse hire to any person.
  • Refuse hire should the driver have pending penalties or convictions on their licence.  Should this happen, all payment will be lost.
  • Cancel hire if the driver’s licence does not comply with our standard terms and conditions.  In the event of this, all monies paid by the hirer will be lost.
  • Claim repair and cleaning costs out of the security deposit and /or retain the full deposit until any / all damage has been assessed and valued.
  • Charge the credit/debit card account for any monies deemed by The Bristol camper Co to be be acts of negligence.
  • Accept no responsibility for any 3rd party claims due to breakdown or accident.
  • Offer another similar specification Camper if your preferred vehicle of choice is not available.  If this is not acceptable, The Bristol camper Company will be limited to return only hire monies and security deposits.
  • We reserve the right to alter or change these terms and conditions without prior notice.
  • If you require any further information or clarification on the above please feel free to ask.