Camper Van holidays to Wales

Visit Wales in your Camper Van

With either of the two magnificent bridges available, just 20 minuets from our doorstep, taking in the wonder’s of Wales could not be easier.

Once you have crossed the swirling waters of the Bristol channel, the world becomes your oyster. You can either point your Campervan in the direction of the stunning  coastline or, take in the magnificent ancient Castles, Mines, Lakes and Land.

With just the muted warble from your air cooled engine, your VW Campervan will willingly take you to your selected holiday destination, or your choice of transport may have been swayed with the looks, performance and creature comforts that one of our modern European Motorhomes can provide.

Of special interest is the heritage of wales and the hidden, little known delights that can be around the next corner. In his day the 3rd Marquess of Bute was the richest man in the world, so he could afford to indulge himself. One result is Castell Coch. A late 19th Century fancy built on the remains of a 13th Century castle, it is one of Wales’ most romantic and unexpected places. Don’t miss Lady Bute’s Bedroom, its painted double dome features 28 frolicking monkeys (rather risqué at the time).

One of Britain’s largest medieval fortresses, Caerphilly Castle has a big events programme to match. The annual Big Cheese Festival is a favourite - a free weekend of entertainment for all the family that’s staged in the castle grounds.

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