Camper Van holidays to The Gower

Visit the Gower in your camper van

This outstanding area of Wales is the bread and butter for our VW Camper vans, due to there compact dimensions you will never find yourself in a situation you can’t get out of. The winding A and B costal roads will delight both driver and passenger, with every corner opening on to another  spectacular view.

With many years experience in Campervan hire, we are confident in being able to offer the very best of advice as to the quality and location of many campsites in this area. They can be small and secluded, large, commercialised, or quiet and tranquil. Driving your Campervan onwards to Swansea bay, The Gower, Neath and Port Talbot, will fill you with an evelasting desire to return to Wales

On your journey along the west coast of Wales you must look out for Shell Island. This must be one of the ultimate Campervan holiday locations, but be ware, it is very addictive and you may find the next time you hire a Campervan from The Bristol Camper Company, Shell Island will call you back, time and time again.

You arrive at this stunning destination. Turn off the engine, open the side slide door and bring the light and ozone scented air into your Camper van, relax, slot your favourite CD into the player,pop the cork from a bottle of white, take in the view and pat yourself on the back, you have secured one of the best Campervans from The Bristol Camper Company, one of the best Campervan hire companies in the UK.

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