VW Camper Vans to hire

You can rest assured that all our Campervans are stored here at Peartree industrial estate in a secure compound. We valet, service and repair them in our own fully fitted workshop, only using our fully trained staff. We have a close affinity with all our Campervans, allowing you to be totally confident in your selected vehicle. 

We will never ask you to visit a private address to collect a vehicle we have never seen or have no knowledge as to it's suitability, cleanliness, quality or legality. Please be aware there are companies out there that will ask you to do exactly that. Buyer Beware!

Our VW camper vans range T5's to T6's with the T6's being the top end of our fleet. All of Our T5's and T6's are all newly converted, top of the range campervans finished to a high standard.

Hire a VW camper van from Bristol and drive around the UK.
Visit Wales, Devon, Cornwall, Dorset or Somerset.