Propex under-slung LPG tank
Propex under-slung LPG tank


VW T5 LPG tank

Along side our Propex blown air heaters we now offer an under-slung LPG vabour tank with or with a BBQ hook up point to fit onto your VW T5 camper van. Space is a precious commodity inside your van conversion. Storing your gas outside underneath the van not only saves space inside the vehicle but allows you to quickly and easily refill the tank at your local petrol station. Our local station charges just 0.72 per litre for LPG.  

Getting rid of on-board Butane or Propane bottles have some more very clear advantages for your VW T5



  • Significantly reduced cost of the Gas
  • Save valuable internal space – you can now pack more kit for your trip
  • Quick and easy fill ups on many petrol station forecourts
  • On board level indicator – no need to carry a spare bottle
  • No more freezing Butane – LPG goes to -42*C – enjoy those winter trips out
  • Reduced gas dropout holes required, so less holes in your van
  • Safer – reduced gas runs and connections inside vehicle
  • Installed inline with UKLPG CoP11 and NCC CoP306



Controlled from inside the campervan our propex under-slung gas conainter uses a handy on board level indicator to tell you how much is in the tank so you wont need to use up even more space carrying a spare bottle “just in case”.

Before any fiiting can take place, certain requirements must be assertained. Tanks and fill points must retain a certain ground clearance and be able to withstand a high impact and pull force. So bare this in mind before lowering your camper too much!!

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