Neil Chappell 

Rentals,Online shop and Marketing

Preparation and organisation is key when running the BCC rentals department.

Sheffield born and raised with strong ethics. Neil C Joined ‘The Bristol Camper Company’ in January 2016.  His background working in management for a supermarket chain allowed us to step back almost immediately from rentals allowing Neil to use his experience and knowledge gained over the years to maintain the professionalism and organisation of the department. Within his role Neil C is also taking care of the Online shop, updating prices and maintaining stock levels for the Dream Builders.

“Joining ‘The Bristol Camper Company’ in 2016 allowed me to express my individuality within a customer facing role that I could not achieve working in the bigger corporations. I now have a better work, life balance. This has given me some of the best times of my life. I am more relaxed, focused and committed in all areas, even finding time to play the guitar”

A dedicated family man and father of three, Neil likes to use his free time fishing, hitting a Birdie at his favourite golf course, barbequed sausages, Friday Stella day and camping in his teardrop  

Neil Gurman

Sales and Marketing

With ‘The Bristol Camper Company’s’ current workload and projected expansion, they required a dedicated Sales and Marketing team member to join their operation.

Neil G joined The Bristol Camper Company in January 2017. Armed with previous sales and marketing experience Neil is settling into his new role creating a friendly environment for our customers to visit with their van and conversion enquiries.

“I am truly grateful for the welcoming I received joining Bristol Camper Company. Their family values reflect my own allowing me to offer an authentic service for our customers”

Despite Neil’s grey hairs and aging knees, he likes to take to the field on a Saturday playing rugby for the town he grew up in. When he is not playing rugby, Neil likes to strap on his walking boots and explore the country side as a keen walker, fitting his hobbies around raising his two children.

Nick Chappell

Dream Builder

A time served multi skilled, professional builder with traditional values, Nick knows first-hand the importance of quality work against agreed deadlines. 

As one of the more experienced Dream Builders Nick’s dedication over the years is intangible to us. His commitment and knowledge rubs off onto the lesser experienced team members feeding them with the skills and confidence required to professionally convert a ‘Bristol Camper Conversion’ to his own ambitious standards.

“I’ve known Tom Phillips since our school days, he has been my best friend, landlord and boss over those years. The only man that frustrates me and inspires me at the same time. Through all the chaos we stand shoulder to shoulder on our core values and beliefs, pushing boundaries every single day.”

Nick is a true professional and a naturally likeable character. In his spare time Nick likes to run and has recently joined his local gym where he plans to lift his own body weight once a week whilst grinding his favourite coffee bean. Watch this space! 

Nick Taylor Masters 

Dream Builder 

London born and raised, Nick decided to swap the hustle and bustle for a west country life.

Nick joined ‘The Bristol Camper Company’ early 2017 breaking away from his comfort zone as a skilled painter moving towards learning the skills required to convert campervans. The transition from brush to Stanley knife has been an interesting one but we are proud to say Junior has developed incredibly well in every area.

“Having worked as a painter, I am used to moving around from job to job, never in one place. I must admit working at the same place has been a massive learning curve for me, one that I am warming to with the support from my friends and colleagues. This is my home now, I want to be the best, I want to be the best at what I do”

What more can we ask of an employee than this? It may cost us a bit more in first aid boxes but we feel it is a price worth paying for a young lad that has the attitude he does. Nick enjoys the finer things in life often sharing his stories of Chips, sausages and curry sauce, tales of mythical Chinese food we can only dream about. Nick is also a keen footballer, keen DIYer and enjoys the adrenaline fuelled skittle ally every Tuesday night with a pint of Guinness 

Philip Trip-edwards

Dream builder

A local Firefighter with a passion for life, Phil joined ‘The Bristol Camper Company’ in 2016. Our customers will always receive a humble smile and a warm welcome from Phil. His authenticity, humour and personality lifts everyone he is around to a higher level, making the day more enjoyable for all. When it comes to Dream Building, Phil has an acute sense of detail reflected in his own high-standards, not least his superb carpeting skills. The only wrinkle we can find was on Phil’s aging forehead!

“Confidence is everything to me. Now I have the confidence I can concentrate on continually improving on everything I do. I treat all vans like they are my own, If it’s not good enough for me, it’s not good enough for the customer.”

As you can tell we are all proud of Phil achievements, not least his dedication and commitment to both work and firefighting. When he is not rescuing cats from trees he can often be spotted in a wetsuit turtle rolling the 10ft Clevedon waves. Some say he has an unfair advantage using his mustache to balance but we checked the rule book and a 100mm span is totally allowed. 

Matt Harris

Dream builder

Technically a dream builder but we believe Matt Harris is more of a dream creator. He is the one we all look towards for inspiration and a technical advice. With Matt’s previous experience of working around the world shop-fitting there is little that gets past him. Give Matt the technical drawing pencilled on a scrap of paper and a copy of screw-fix, before long it will become reality.

A modest man, we hear very little from him when he is deep in work. On a good day there are often sounds of him belting his favourite Michael Buble tune, on a difficult day the sound of wood being flung into and around the bins.

“Can everyone just clean up after themselves? If this goes there and that goes here then we can all get at it and things will be much easier to find. Where’s my mjolnir hammer?”

Matt Likes to use his spare time constructively and wisely by face washing the opposition on the rink. When he is not in the sin bin Matt spends many an evening being grilled by his sensei and often arrives at work worse off than when he left the previous day. 

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